Room Gathering Guidelines

We have constructed some general gathering guidelines which we highly encourage following for your safety, the safety of other Furry Fiesta attendees, and for the goodwill between Furry Fiesta and the Sheraton Dallas Hotel.

  1. Read Furry Fiesta’s rules at
  2. Furry Fiesta accepts no liability for whatever may occur within the confines of private hotel rooms. Incidents which occur in these rooms are the sole responsibility of the individual to whom the room is rented. This includes payment for any and all damage, responsibility for complaints levied against the room (including noise complaints), and any other issues that may arise. You should report any damage to the hotel as soon as possible. Please also inform Furry Fiesta staff so we can be aware of it.
  3. In the unlikely event a situation occurs which may present a threat to the convention and/or its attendees, Furry Fiesta has a responsibility to report it to the proper authorities.
  4. Hosts and gathering attendees must follow directives of hotel staff/security and Furry Fiesta staff. REMEMBER: It is a privilege, not a right, to hold a room gathering at Furry Fiesta.
  5. Furry Fiesta has a zero tolerance policy regarding the possession, use, sale, or distribution of illegal substances. Violators may be subject to expulsion from the convention, expulsion from the hotel, and possible legal action.
  6. For parties serving alcoholic beverages, we encourage you to check IDs either at the door or at your ‘bar’ setup. TABC Seller/Server certifications are encouraged. (
  7. Please keep the noise in the hallways to a minimum. Keep your doors closed rather than hanging open. Don’t let your gatherings ‘spill out’ into hallways.
  8. Please be aware of any guest who may be drinking excessively to the point that they may become a danger to themselves, others, or hotel property. Guests who cannot continue to function in a socially acceptable manner may face action from hotel security.
  9. For those planning to bring in speakers, please do not ‘crank’ your speakers this year. Try to leave a good impression on this hotel for our future. It doesn’t need to be loud this year!
  10. Signs cannot be taped, tacked, or attached in any way to walls, doors, windows, elevators, or any other surface.
  11. Flyers for your room gathering may only be distributed on tables and designated message boards in Furry Fiesta’s convention spaces. Do not distribute flyers in hotel restaurants, the hotel bar, the hotel snack shop, the hotel lobby, or in hotel hallways. Also, do not attach flyers in any way to any walls, doors, windows, elevators, or any other surface.
  12. Smoking/Vaping (of any substance) is strictly prohibited in rooms. The hotel will charge a fee if they detect smoking or vaping has occurred.
  13. Under no circumstances may you tamper with, disable, or otherwise impair the function of smoke detectors or air vents in the room.
  14. These items are prohibited in hotel rooms: fog machines, dry ice, open flames, or other hazardous items.
  15. We highly encourage having water bottles available for your guests. Keep an eye out for each other and stay hydrated!