March 24 – 26, 2017 • Dallas, TX

Guests of Honor

Our Guests of Honor have been chosen for their exceptional contributions to the furry fandom, the diverse and entertaining social landscape that we all enjoy. Join us in showing them the respect they're due at Furry Fiesta!

laptopAntlersTirrelous, who is mostly known for his animated content, works in the television production and advertising industry in England. He started animating back in 2006 while at University, sitting at the back of the lecture hall and doodling little clips. Since then, he’s made over half an hour of animated content, with action adventure toons, music videos and other gag reels. Some of his other projects include games, physical models and sets, interactive demos and collaborative films.

He found the fandom some twelve years ago, while looking for art, and stuck around when he discovered it also had a fun community behind it. Originally a wolf, then a squirrel, but finally settled upon the whitetail deer that everyone will recognize him as today.

His hobbies are drone racing, set design, go-karting and themed entertainment.

bwgothpicUVUrsula Vernon is the creator of the Hugo-award winning comic “Digger”, and the author of multiple books for kids and adults alike. Her work has won the Nebula, Alfie, Coyotl and Mythopoeic Awards. She used to live in St. Paul, and still mostly remembers how to drive in snow.

She currently lives in North Carolina, where she gardens, watches birds, and spends a lot of time flailing away on the laptop in coffee shops.

fc86a089d1c09457ce5f2e161afd933cAfter making fursuits and other costumes for her whole life as a hobby, Shannon Heartwood (Qarrezel) founded Clockwork Creature in 2008. She and her husband, Matthew Heartwood, have been running the custom costume and fursuit-making business full-time since then. Over the last near-decade, their costumes have become well-known for their realism, workmanship, and high level of detail. Still operating in their hometown of Baltimore, MD, they continue to produce their highly sought-after custom costumes in their home workshop.


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