AD Rodeo

What happens when the cows come home? From drag queens to playful pups and ponies, we've got a little something for whatever your heart desires.

Welcome to Furry Fiesta’s first-ever 18+, adult-oriented event space! Enjoy a spicy drag show to kick things off, and strut your stuff as you shop our vendor area for exclusive 18+ merch or dance along to some wild beats by various DJs.

The AD Rodeo is open to Texas Furry Fiesta attendees aged 18+. IDs and badges will need to be checked upon arrival at the event, and wristbands will be provided for re-entry.


The AD Rodeo will take place on Friday, March 15 in the Grand Ballroom from 10:00 PM until 2:00 AM. A full schedule of our featured events will be available closer to the convention!


This is NOT a play party! Gear and fursuits are encouraged, but we must comply with Texas laws and local regulations. This means that at all times everyone needs to keep “genitalia, the genital area, pubic hair, and anus” covered. This also includes faux parts on fursuits! Please leave your leashes in your rooms.

When traveling to and from the Rodeo within other hotel spaces, your outfit must comply with the stated rules of the event. If in doubt, ask when you get there and we’re happy to clarify. Staff will always have the final say over what’s appropriate. If staff inform you that you need to change your outfit, please head back to your room and change. We want to make sure that this is a safe and fun event for everyone!

  1. A valid, Government-issued ID and convention badge must be presented to enter.
  2. Normal convention dress code will apply when outside of the event. There will be no exceptions. A coat check will be available inside the event.
  3. Chests, groin and the backside must be covered at all times. Think swimming pool coverage or more. AMAB individuals will need to wear a top of some kind as well. This includes faux parts on your fursuit.
  4. This is not a play party. Sexual activity is not permitted.
  5. Kink-shaming or body-shaming will not be tolerated.
  6. There will be lines marked for demonstrations. Do not cross the line unless invited.
  7. No photos or videos. If you are found to be taking pictures or recording, your badge will be pulled and you will be made to delete the content.
  8. No excessive intoxication.
  9. Demonstrators will be clearly marked and can refuse service.
  10. Gear and costumes are not consent. Do not touch anyone unless given explicit consent.
  11. We hold the right to eject you from the event and/or remove your badge for any breaches of the rules and code of conduct as well as state/federal law.

By attending this event, you agree to all of the above rules.


  • Blue Wolf
  • Chameleon After Dark
  • Mao’s Menagerie
  • Monster City
  • Simply Elegant Glass
  • vixen&hart
  • Warhorse Workshop