The Dog Days Are (Finally) Over!

Greetings from beyond the horizon! This month we have so much fantastic news, so buckle up! If you’ve been following our social media, you’ll notice we’ve released our lineup for the guests of honor. We’ve got a lot of amazing people that will make this convention one you wouldn't want to miss! We also have some great news for potential dealers that will help guide you on your journey if you’d like to vend at Furry Fiesta 2023!

First off, we are pleased to announce that Dealers Den registration has been updated. It includes information such as rules and regulations, the size of space allotments, and the registration schedule! Please bear in mind that applications are not first come/first served, so please take your time to read through the information at your leisure. Applications will be opening on September 10th!

We’ve also got some amazing guests of honor lined up this year, and over the next few months we’ll be excited to shout out each of these awesome individuals.

First up is Pup Amp and Mr. Kristofer, otherwise known by their education show “Watts The Safeword”. Their youtube videos, twitch streams and weekly podcast focus on sex and kink education. They also address topics regarding LGBT history and current issues. To learn more, check out their Youtube channel or their website, and we’ll see you all next month!

August 22nd, 2022