Registration, Hotel Room Block and Furry Siesta!

Pffft pffft! Is this thing on?!

We apologize for the delay in getting the new website together. With everything happening at #TFF2022 and the immense amount of feedback we received, we wanted to get everything back in order before officially bringing everything back in time for various scheduled TFF-related events that will get you excited ALL OVER AGAIN for Texas Furry Fiesta in 2023!

We are so excited to formally re-announce our theme for #TFF2023, Attack of the Jackafluffies! Think “B” movies with aliens, spaceships, and space exploration with your friends as the Jackafluffs of TFF notoriety invade our con space! We are bringing this along with our Theme crew for picture props, events, and themed prizes from our Charity Midway! We can’t wait to show you all that we have planned!

Soon, both Pre-Registration and our Hotel Room Block will be opening up, so make sure to keep an eye here and on social media for all the most updated information!

If you just can’t wait, check out Furry Siesta, TFF’s sister summer convention being held at the Hyatt Regency Dallas! We know how much everyone misses that hotel and all the memories made there. This July is your chance to make new memories and new friends at #TFS2022, along with the theme The Truth is Out There, which is a precursor to our TFF theme. Discover the approaching creatures and get a small taste of what is to come! Check out the TFS website at!

May 20th, 2022