Welcome to a new year of TFF

Welcome to another year of TFF. A new year brings new changes. First, I want to thank Sable for her years of service to the convention. It is never easy to run a convention of any size. I wish her the best in the future, wherever it may take her.

Let me start with a thank you for giving me the chance to help shape and lead TFF in a new direction.

So a little background about myself. I was the President and Treasurer of Wild Nights several years ago. In 2019 I joined staff for TFF and took on the role of Charity lead. I’ve only ever worked to try to better the Department and lead by example through my deep love of the community.

Going forward, I want to bring the same thing to the rest of the convention and help every part of Texas Furry Fiesta grow. I see a bright future for the convention and everyone who attends it. Hate and hostility are not welcome here. This is a safe place for all to feel welcome, no matter what walk of life they come from.

In closing, I’d like to let people know that my door is always open to anyone who has questions, concerns, or ideas to better the convention.

Best regards,
Con Chair of 2023

April 22nd, 2022