What is the 'Dealers Den'?
The Dealers Den is the traditional home of vendors at most conventions. Here you can buy a wide variety of merchandise such as comics and games, t-shirts, books, plush toys, commissions and much, MUCH more. You can often meet artists and authors, either as guests of vendors or at a table of their very own. So, feel free to come and commission that artist you've always wanted to meet, or just spend time window shopping.

Please feel free to contact the Dealers Den Coordinator with any questions.
How do I become a Dealer?
If you are interested in being a Dealer in 2015, please visit our Dealer Registration page.

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2015 Dealers
CARE (Charity)
Dingbat (GoH)
Sanguine Games (GoH)
Matthew Ebel (Performer)
Fox Amoore (Performer)
Pepper Coyote (Performer)
Bucktown Tiger (Performer)
Antarctic Press
Black Dog Enterprises
BlackLite Special Studios
Caribou Ink
Club Stripes
Con*Tact Soap and Scent Company
Cynthia Conner Studios
Danji Isthmus
Dark Natasha
Diana Spinkle
Diana Stein
DreamVision Creations
Fox Ink
Foxy's Furs
Freelance Artist
Frost Claw Studios
Furry Dakimakura
Furry Friends Oddities
Furry Logic Productions
Heather Bruton Illustration
Its a Teipo Productions
Kalo and Royalty
Lagarto Custom Leather
Laughing Rabbit Graphics
Laura Garabedian
Legion Printing
Lemonbrat Studios
Lobo Loco Enterprises
Mao's Menagerie
Marci McAdam
Mary Mouse
Menagerie Workshop
Michele Light
Modest Arcade LLC
Mongoose Ink
Nezumi Illustration
Niis & Padunk
Noxychu Arts
Nut Case Art
Oxygen Impulse
Portzebie & Luna-Starbright
Radio Comix
Shiny Dragon Jewelry
Shivae Studios
Sophie Cabra's Art
Studio Cute by Ponygirl
Studio Neko-Neko
Sunni Studios
Tail Kiss Studio (Furoticon)
Team Shuffle
Tie Dye and Treasures
Two Lumps
Warhorse Workshop
White Lightning Productions
White Wolf Creations