<div class="pageHeader">TwoFurOne Registration</div> <div class="pageContent"> Furry Fiesta and Oklacon have enjoyed a long and close kinship throughout the years, operating as very different and distinct events in each other's backyards. To further build on the goodwill between the world's largest outdoor furry convention and paws-down best hotel convention experience available in the furry fandom, Furry Fiesta and Oklacon have teamed up to provide the TwoFurOne registration!<br/> <br/> TwoFurOne registrations allow those wishing to attend both conventions the opportunity to register once online and receive a discount off the price of both conventions. When purchased through Furry Fiesta's website, this entitles you to a registration at the next upcoming Furry Fiesta and the Oklacon immediately following it.<br/> <br/> <span class="textSubHeader b">By purchasing a TwoFurOne registration, you will save approximately 12% off the price of registering for each convention separately.</span><br/> <br/> <fieldset class="fieldFullWidth"> <legend>Why Are We Doing This?</legend> For one, both Furry Fiesta and Oklacon are premier events in the Furry Fandom that provide unique experiences to a shared audience. We want to allow the attendees of Furry Fiesta to experience the outdoor wonders that Oklacon has to offer, and for the rugged furs that make it Oklacon each year we want them to have a chance to see what Furry Fiesta is all about. </fieldset> <div class="pageBox"> <div class="head">How Do I Do This?</div> <div> It could not be simpler. First, realize that TwoFurOne registration comes in two options: the Silver TwoFurOne registration entitles you to all the rights and benefits of an Furry Fiesta Sponsor registration as well as an Oklacon Patron registration for 12% off <?php echo $next_con?> pricing, at a total price of $125.<br/> <br/> The other option is the Gold TwoFurOne registration, which entitles you to all the rights and benefits of an Furry Fiesta Super Sponsor registration as well as a Oklacon Sponsor registration for 12% off, at a total price of $210.<br/> <br/> If you're still confused as to what these benefits are, visit our <a href="/registration/">registration page</a> to see what comes with each Furry Fiesta offering, and check <a href="https://oklacon.com/Registration/Levels" target="_new">Oklacon's website</a> for information on what is included with each of their registration levels.<br/> <ol class="items start"> <li>Read the Conditions (<a href="#Conditions">below</a>) to make sure you're eligible.</li> <li><a href="/registration/">Pre-Register</a> and Pre-Pay for your TwoFurOne registration in full before January 31st, <?php echo $next_con?>. These cannot be purchased after January 31st online, and are unavailable at the door.</li> </ol> </div> </div> <div class="pageBox"> <div class="head">What Do I Get?</div> <div> <b>Presents!</b> Everyone loves presents!<br/> <ol class="items start"> <li>Everything listed on our <a href="/registration/">registration</a> page, for the option of your choice!</li> <li>Automatic registration with Oklacon; no need to re-register on their website.</li> <li>A fantastic discount off the registration of both conventions!</li> </ol> </div> </div> <a name="Conditions"></a> <fieldset class="fieldFullWidth"> <legend>Conditions</legend> <ol class="items start"> <li>You must pre-pay (zero balance) your Furry Fiesta-Oklacon TwoFurOne registration by January 31st, <?php echo $next_con?>. You may not purchase a TwoFurOne registration at the door of the convention.</li> <li>If you make a partial, but not full payment, for a TwoFurOne registration by January 31st, <?php echo $next_con?>, any portion paid will be put towards the equivalent Furry Fiesta registration level. Furry Fiesta does not accept refund requests after pre-registration closes on January 31st, <?php echo $next_con?></li> <li>TwoFurOne Registrants may upgrade their registration from their TwoFurOne registration level by upgrading at-the-door. For the purposes of upgrades, a TwoFurOne Registrant is considered paid for that level of membership at that convention. That means the discount still applies even after upgrading!</li> <li>TwoFurOne Registrants may not downgrade their registration from their TwoFurOne registration level to create a credit in that same or in any future year.</li> <li>TwoFurOne Registrants are due no compensation for failing to attend either or both conventions. Similarly, TwoFurOne Registrants may not transfer any credit to any other person they wish to attend "in their place" for either or both conventions; no transfer of rights or benefits may be made to any other person.</li> <li>TwoFurOne Registrants are implicitly excluded from any and all other attendance discount programs for the same year. For instance, a Silver TwoFurOne Registrant who 'refers a friend' is not eligible for a Oklacon's 'refer-a-friend upgrade' to Sponsor, should that program be offered that year.</li> <li>TwoFurOne Registrants are subject to the same Code of Conduct and same duties, rights, and responsibilities of any other convention attendee. Therefore, failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct or committing criminal acts can subject a TwoFurOne Registrant to expulsion from one or more convention years. In the case a TwoFurOne Registrant is ejected from or prohibited from attending a convention due to their poor behavior, their attendance for that year is considered forfeit, and no refund or reimbursement of that or any future years' convention fees nor any portion of the TwoFurOne registration fee shall be remanded.</li> <li>The purchase of a TwoFurOne registration through this website is a fee paid to the Dallas Regional Anthropomorphic Meeting Association (<a href="/about/#AboutDrama">D.R.A.M.A.</a>), a 501(c)7 Not For Profit Organization. A portion of this fee will be remitted to the Fuzzy Productions, a Limited Liability Company of the State of Oklahoma, as payment towards a membership in that organization and in consideration for fees to attend the next upcoming Oklacon event. The portion of the combined discount fee provisioned for Fuzzy Productions shall be remitted unto them and cannot be refunded to the payee for this reason. Fuzzy Productions has the right to reject any TwoFurOne registrations as it may deem fit, and is responsible for any refund, credit, or lack thereof for their portion of the combined fee.</li> <li>Any personal information entered on this site used to register you for Furry Fiesta, including your real name, date of birth, address, contact information, will be shared with Oklacon to facilitate your automatic registration with them. No payment information, such as your credit card numbers or bank account numbers shall be shared with Oklacon. We will simply share enough information to satisfy their registration requirements and mark you as 'paid' in their system.</li> <li>By purchasing a TwoFurOne registration, you not only agree to the terms and conditions of Furry Fiesta, but also to the terms and conditions of Oklacon, and further agree to abide by the policies and procedures each respective event.</li> <li>While we cannot provide professional tax advice, purchasers should understand this is NOT understood to be a tax-deduction donation paid to the convention's charity.</li> </ol> </fieldset> <br/> <a href="/registration/">Click here</a> to Pre-Register for Furry Fiesta <?php echo $next_con?>! </div>