Bonjour my furry friends,

We are making our entertainment plans for our "Nights on the Bayou 2016" jamboree at the InterContinental Dallas.

You demanded more space so we threw all of our shinies at the problem. Lo and behold, Furry Fiesta will have even more convention space than ever before! Now we need your help to fill all this space! So if you can lend a paw by bring a panel/event on your experiences, entertainment, instruction, show off your skills or just want to host an event to meet up with other furs of a specific interest. The limit is endless! Then you can do so on our submission form below for review.

Click here to submit your ideas!

We have some special treats, new events and panel in the works, as well as our classic & signature events.
  • The PiƱata Bash and other event activities by our track lead the talented Halfwit Genius
  • The Furry Drama Show / Variety show
  • Charity Casino Night
  • Charity Auction (See our Charity page for details and donation info.)
  • Traditional dance classes by our track lead the talented Kitra
  • Concerts from our music guests
  • Art learning panels arranged by our track lead the talented Crys the Hybrid
  • Writing panels arranged by our track lead the talented Sasuke
  • Fursuit parade
  • Fursuit panels arranged by our track lead the talented Pacer
  • Iron Artist awful challenge
  • RL personal growth panels
  • Nightly Dances
  • Dance Contest (link to page if available) to show us your moves!
  • Art Show
  • Board gaming room
  • Video game room
  • Meet and Greets
  • Tea party

Dealer's Den
This year's Dealer's Den is sure to contain something for everyone! See the Dealer's Den page for a list of this year's the artists, merchants and other vendors who will be happy to sell you all kinds of interesting goodies!

Internet Room
Tigerwolf of Tigerden Internet Services will yet again be providing our Internet Room which will be open throughout Furry Fiesta. Here you can check your e-mail, browse the web, chat on IRC or via IM or otherwise stay in touch with friends. Stop in and say "Hi!", he's a personable meowoof!