Register! Furry Fiesta is for by furries, for furries. However, we need attendees to be able to afford everything we're providing for this year and the coming years. You can help us out a lot by registering to attend Furry Fiesta 2016! Also, for the best experience at Furry Fiesta, we recommend reserving a room at the InterContinental Dallas.

Volunteer! We're going to need help from our attendees to keep things running smoothly. If you want to spend some of your time at the convention helping us run various panels, activities and events, please visit the volunteer desk any time during the convention. You can also send us a message. Hours spent volunteering will accumulate toward rewards including a complementary membership at a future Furry Fiesta event.

Contribute to the conbook! We need artists and writers to contribute their talents for the Furry Fiesta conbook. Show us your creative side! Just keep it to PG-13 or below.