Our Guests of Honor have been chosen for their exceptional contributions to the furry fandom, the diverse and entertaining social landscape that we all enjoy. Join us in showing them the respect they're due at Furry Fiesta 2015!
Artist Guest of Honor: Dingbat
Dingbat joined Yerf in the late 90s and her adventures in the furry fandom began there! She soon made a cute little bat character, and began attending conventions in 2003. Around that time she discovered pottery and experimented with painting illustrations on ceramics. She has been selling 2D and 3D art at conventions since 2004.
She earned her BFA in Animation and Illustration in California. Her career has involved making art and animations for casual games on Facebook, mobile, PC, X-box, and she has been making and selling pottery on the side for almost 10 years. She lives with her fiance and two kitties in the Seattle area.

Gaming Guest of Honor: Sanguine Games
In 1999, Sanguine Games published their first Tabletop Role Playing Game, Ironclaw. This was a fantasy RPG set in a late medieval/early renaissance world where the characters are thrust into a world of political and technological upheaval. This game was successful enough to warrant several expansions and other products. Over the next 15 years, Sanguine Games would publish numerous furry RPGs including Myriad Song, Noggle Stones, Usagi Yojimbo, and Albedo: Platinum Catalyst.
Their current flagship RPG is Ironclaw: Squaring the Circle. This is the second edition of the system and it has earned accolades and critical acclaim. Streamlined and balanced, with exquisite production values, this game continues to set the standard for furry RPGs. Sanguine Games has launched and completed several successful Kickstarter projects. Today, Sanguine Games continues to produce extremely high quality furry RPGs.

The staff behind Sanguine Games, Rafferty & Aurelina, are super excited to be attending Furry Fiesta, and cannot wait for you to stop by to say "Hello!"

Fursuiting Guest of Honor: JD Puppy
When JD Puppy joined the fandom 10 years ago and attended his first convention at Anthrocon 2005 (the last year it was in Philly, for those around long enough to remember), he certainly wasn't expecting the amazing path of exciting experiences that the following decade had in store for him! JD has sought to make his impact as a digital artist (check out his FA and his Weasyl as well as a fursuit builder (he built all JD models over the years, along with other characters, including a Bolt rendition in 2009). However, he is likely most recognized for his fursuit performance and his work in the fursuit dancing scene.

Finding his roots in performance in stage theater and college mascotting, JD has given his energy to entertaining convention audiences over the years, as the loveable, hyperactive, floppy-eared brown puppy (or one of his many iterations, sometimes simultaneously), as well as taking on a new style of performance in 2010 with the hope-to-be-popufur that many either love or love to hate, Buddy. JD is happy to support conventions in furthering their attendees' skills in the fandom's unique niche of performance art through fursuiting panels, and he also takes great pride in promoting the development and showcase of dance talent, beginners and seasoned dancers alike, through dance events. His most notable contributions include working with his teams that run the dance competitions at Anthrocon (debuted AC 2008) and Midwest FurFest (debuted MWFF 2011).

JD is elated to be invited to be Fursuiting Guest of Honor for Texas Furry Fiesta 2015, and he can't wait to make a toon out of you! :)