<div class="pageHeader">Furry Night Live</div> <div class="pageContent"> <span class="b i">Furry Night Live</span>, "The Greatest Show in Fur", will be returning to Furry Fiesta in <?php echo $next_con?> to celebrate the 'Time-Travelers' Ball" with a blockbuster show!<br/> <br/> Don't miss our cast of Furry Night Live stars as we present the best of the furry fandom's comedy skits, action, adventure, and musical acts, both on stage and in video! The next show features a new host and a star-studded lineup of time-travelers messing up history!<br/> <br/> <div class="pageBox"> <div class="head">A Call for Performers and Acts!</div> <div> To make a truly great show, we'll need great performers! Want to be in the show? Let us know!<br/> <br/> We're writing skits that will have open roles, if you're interested in joining us on stage. If you have a skit of your own that you'd like to do, we'd love to hear from you!<br/> <br/> If you have a video you'd like to do, get in contact with us! Please keep in mind all videos will need to be approved by Furry Fiesta in advance.<br/> <br/> We will also be hosting a Furry Night Live Performance panel at the con where you can run through your skit and get advice from the FNL experts on how to make it awesome!<br/> <br/> And even if you don't have a fursuit but would like to help out, we need ninjas, backstage people and stunt doubles to make this show a blast!<br/> <br/> If you're interested, please contact us at <a href="mailto:furrynightlive@gmail.com?subject=Interested in helping with Furry Night Live">furrynightlive@gmail.com</a> or <a href="http://www.twitter.com/furrynightlive" target="_new">@furrynightlive</a> on Twitter!<br/> <br/> Players in the show will get a poster like the one shown at <a href="http://www.furrynightlive.org" target="_new">http://www.furrynightlive.org</a> in appreciation for their work, and an invite to our <span class="b">FNL Cast Party</span> where we'll be watching the playback of our show!<br/> <br/> Not only that, but the audience will be voting for the winning acts, which will receive <span class="b">awards</span> and cash <span class="b">prizes</span>, a long-standing Furry Night Live tradition!!<br/> <br/> Come join us for a truly incredible show! </div> </div> <fieldset class="fieldFullWidth"> <legend>FNL Guidelines and Rules</legend> <ol class="items start"> <li>We will very likely have a full show, and time will be strictly limited, so if you want to be in the show or have a skit or video in mind, contact us ASAP at <a href="mailto:furrynightlive@gmail.com?subject=Furry Night Live Skit Idea for Furry Fiesta">furrynightlive@gmail.com</a>.</li> <li>All FNL acts must have forms filled out for the FNL and A/V crew. We'll be posting them online soon.</li> <li>All performers for submitted acts MUST be at rehearsal, if they want to be in the show. If you for some reason cannot make the rehearsal time let us know so we can make alternate arrangements for you to practice your skit.<br/><br/>We also advise rehearsing your skit before the con, if possible.</li> <li>Submitted performances should be about three minutes or less. More time requires FNL show approval as the show time will be limited.</li> <li>If you have music or pre-recorded dialogue that you'd like to use for a skit, please submit it either via E-mail to furrynightlive@gmail.com, or on CD, preferably as a single track.<br/><br/>We will NOT be able to provide at-con recording or editing at the con itself as we will be busy working on the show, so if you need help with this, let us know ahead of time.</li> <li>Fursuits are not required to be on stage, but encouraged. The show is PG-13, so please, nothing inappropriate or forbidden in Furry Fiesta's code of conduct.</li> <li>If you have any props, items or signage that you will need, please let us know. Any signs for a skit should be large enough for the audience to read.</li> <li>For the audience's safety, we will need to approve anything that you want to throw into or at the audience during your skit.</li> <li>If you're producing a video act you will need to submit your final edit by February 15, <?php echo $next_con?> for us to consider it for Furry Night Live.<br/><br/>Videos are encouraged to showcase Furry Fiesta's "Time Traveler's Ball" theme, but are not required to. Videos should be around 3 minutes or less, additional time will require advance approval.</li> </ol> </fieldset> </div>